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How to Make a Nomination Address

At a meeting of your organization you wish to nominate for office a man whom you consider in every way fitted for the position.

You know that if you can make a good nomination address you will bring success to your candidate.

How will you speak in order to be successful? There are three psychological steps to follow.

Make your speech according to those three steps, in the order indicated below, and you will certainly make a good impression.

1. Define the type of man needed for the office.

“The office of Treasurer of our organization needs a man of business ability, a man accustomed to handling large sums of money, a man familiar with banking, with accounting, and with all the details of large business.” (Add further points until you have shown the full needs of the office.)

2. Without naming your candidate, show that you know a man whose characteristics are those called for by the office.

“There is a man among us who, for years, has handled, not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of dollars; he is an experienced banker, so respected that he was made an officer of the Bankers’ Association of this State; he is the author of a well known text book on the care of fraternal funds.” (Add further details until you have shown the unusual qualifications of your candidate.)

3. At the close of your address, name, for the first time, the candidate you have in mind.

“Gentlemen: the man who has all these remarkable qualifications, qualifications that more than fill the requirements of the office, is here with us. We are fortunate in having such a man as a fellow member. I nominate for the office of Treasurer, Mr. Frank B. Labdell, one of the charter members of this body.”

By speaking in this deductive way you fix attention upon the office rather than the man. You remove personal antagonism, and place all emphasis upon qualifications.

Prove your points thoroughly and you are likely to make your candidate successful. ¦


Think of a man who would make a successful President of your organization. Think out the words of a nomination address in his favor.