How to Make an Announcement

You are called upon to go before an audience and make an announcement of some kind.

Here is what you should do:

1. Do not speak at all until you have taken your place immediately in the center of the platform, or before the audience.

If you speak from any other part of the room you detract from the dignity of the announcement.

2. Do not speak at all until the room is perfectly quiet.

You may command quiet by your appearance, by raising your hand, or by calling the audience to order by rapping with a gavel. Under no circumstances should you try to raise your voice above the sound of talking.

3. Begin your announcement with the words: “Gentlemen,” or “Ladies and Gentlemen.”

4. Make the announcement as simply and as briefly as possible.

(a) It is best to hold your main announcement until the last, as a means of preserving order. Here is an example: “Ladies and Gentlemen: Owing to the fact that there has been a railroad wreck, Mr. Garrick Jones will not be present this evening. In his absence we are fortunate to have the services of a pianist of high reputation, Mr. Arthur Trainton.”

5. When you have made the announcement, dp not say, “Thank you,” but sit down quietly.


Think out the words of an announcement of a change in the program at an amateur play.

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