How to Uphold or Oppose a Motion

At a meeting in which you are entitled to speak you wish to support, or to oppose, a motion that has been presented.

Follow a definitely deductive line of thought, and you will be most likely to speak well.

Your organization is founded

1. Upon principles.

2. Upon certain rules and regulations.

The general principles of brotherhood, mutual aid, and sociability, or whatever other principles are the foundations of your organization, are far more important than anything else that may come up.

The rules and regulations have commanding influence but they are less important than the principles.

1. If you wish to support or oppose a motion show that it fulfils, or fails to fulfil, some of the principles of the body, or some of the rules and regulations.

“One of the fundamental principles of this society is charity. In the past twenty years we have emphasized our belief in charity again and again. The motion is in thorough accord with every act of our society.” (Prove your proposition by giving further details, if necessary.)

2. State your opinion very emphatically.

“Gentlemen, I believe that the motion is one that every member of this society will wish to support. I am wholeheartedly and emphatically in favor of the motion.”

Your method is as follows:

1. Name the principles or rules concerned, and comment on their value.

2. Show that the motion supports, or fails to support, those principles or rules.

3. Express your own opinion emphatically.


Think out the exact words you will use in supporting any motion that is likely to come before your organization.

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