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How to Speak in a Religious Meeting

You are at a meeting of a religious nature when it devolves upon you to speak.

There are a few general suggestions that will be of help to you.

In the first place, notice the following negative suggestions :

1. Do not speak at great length.

It is not fair for you to occupy an undue share of time. As the meeting is necessarily short you should make your remarks very brief.

2. Do not speak too personally.

A public meeting is almost never the place for intimate revelations. Maintain a certain degree of reserve.

3. Do not present any controversial topic.

A meeting of religious nature is not the place for controversy.

4. Do not speak in bitterness or in contempt of anything or anybody.

A meeting of religious nature is the place for good will.

5. Do not speak egotistically or boastfully.

A religious meeting is the place for humility.

On the other hand, you should observe the following rules:

1. Speak briefly.

2. Speak quietly and reverently.

3. Maintain a certain reserve.

4. Speak so that all will agree with you.

5. Speak kindly of everything.

6. Speak with humility.

7. Present one leading thought, and only one.

Form this thought in accordance with the spirit of the meeting. If any general thought has been given for discussion be sure that your topic comes under the leading topic.

If you try to present more than one leading thought you will not be able to present it clearly in the short time at your disposal. You can present one thought clearly and emphatically.

8. Give one or two examples to prove your main assertion. Make these examples as specific as possible. Give names, places, and dates, or any other specific and exact references.

9. Conclude by repeating your main assertion in some emphatic form. By doing this you show that your talk has had one object, and that you wish all thought centered on your theme.


Think out the words of a talk to be given in any religious meeting in which you may be entitled to speak.